How To Spot Hidden Leaks Before It’s Too Late

After repairing water damaged Australian homes for over 20 years, I’m convinced early leak detection saves homeowners thousands in claims and heartache. But it requires vigilance during seasons where signalling issues get overlooked easily. Based on remediating serious floods caused by unnoticed plaque buildup and pinhole leaks, here are my best tips for recognizing obscure signs something may be amiss in the background.

Monitor Seasonal Changes Closely

As the weather transitions between hot and cold annually, note windows lacking new condensation, previously musty rooms suddenly drying out and newfound chill or humidity in odd corners. These indicate potential insulation gaps allowing uncommon air exchange warranting further inspection.

Mark Stains or Problem Areas

Use tape to trace the edges of any stains or peeling coatings you spot over time. Photograph it dated for records. This allows easy monitoring if affected areas grow in size over subsequent seasons. Always write down what changes emerge and where to determine any spreading leak sources.

Leave Absorbents Out

Place white paper towels under questionable sinks, seals, downspouts and appliances during rainstorms or after snow melts. Check them hourly and note any unexplained moisture. Also examine along bathroom tile grout lines and behind laundry machines periodically for far-reaching small leaks.

Follow Your Nose

Trust your sense of smell first if you notice odd new scents of moist soil, chlorine or mould suddenly wafting from utility room corners and behind furniture. Then thoroughly inspect those surrounding areas for visible water trails or soggy materials like warped cabinets. Our noses detect humidity issues long before eyes confirm them.

By tuning into subtle environmental irregularities and tracing clues proactively, homeowners can determine leak points requiring seal improvements before catastrophic flooding and repairs arise. Never ignore nagging signs of potential water intrusion just because damage isn’t clearly visible. Hidden moisture issues tend to only grow worse over time if left unaddressed right away.

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